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I have just passed my driving test in first time with 3 minor faults. I had my lessons with Gilbert.He is a brilliant Instructor. He's teaching standard is very high, professional and good motivator .He's very friendly easy to understand .He is not only teach you to pass your driving test but he teach how to drive safely.
My life has become much easier now .I am now able to drive with my family .
I would highly recommend to my friends and family .
Thank you


I am very pleased to say massive thanks for Mr Isaac who I meet when it seems like I have no hope of passing my driving test after three failed attempts. I have had two driving instructors in the past who just took my money for more than twenty five driving lessons but failed to meet up with the standard required for driving instructor. I coincidentally meet Mr Isaac at a mechanic garage and explained my situation. He advised me to cancel the driving test date I have booked after he had assessed my driving. He mentioned where we needed to work on in other not just to pass my driving test but to be a good safe driver. I humbled myself, listen and did everything as he requested, We worked very hard with great commitment, honesty, humour. In the end he advised me to look for test date which I did. Finally I passed and get my driving licence. I will strongly recommend Isaac School of motoring to anyone who is willing to humble himself and work hard ,Who thinks there's no hope of passing driving test. Isaac is the answer


I am so happy with my driving result, having passed with only one minor fault - all thanks to Gilbert and his amazing work! His teaching helped me prepare and practise for the test ensuring safety, commendable driving and sufficient knowledge of the roads and routes within Swindon. I feel as though I have been taught very well and I am equipped with knowledge and experience on how to drive safely for life! I would 1 billion percent recommend Gilbert to a friend, he is such an fantastic instructor and has helped make my life easier now that I can drive everyone I need to go. He took me from having 0 experience to being a qualified driver, a task which is difficult to accomplish - I admire his patience and I truly appreciate all the work he has put into ensuring I pass my test.


Amazing instructor, I just passed my test today thanks to his knolowedge and the classes we have done, he really shows that he cares about me and how I'm driving.
He is very friendly and very calm, know everything about all the routes and everything the examiners ask during the test.
I highly recommend him, today I got my driving license and a friend.


I had my test today and passed with 2 minors and am over the moon with the outcome of my test result today.

I couldn't ask for a better instructor, you thought me not to just pass the test but to be a safe driver for life, you did not leave any stone unturned and now my confidence is over the roof

Words can not describe how easy my life will become after passing today because is been soo difficult working every where in the country without driving so thank you very much

I will recommend anyone that wants to pass first time just like I did and also be safe for the rest of their life's to look no where else than Isaacs school of motoring.
Just be ready to work with him and he will give you his all


I’ve passed my test from first time with you which makes me very very happy.I like the way you are teaching with because it’s not just about safety and good driving but also how to be a confident driver .Driving car make life easier especially with kids . It saves time and a lot of efforts.If I have a friend who need to learn driving , I highly recommend you Gilbert , you are not just a good instructor, you an excellent one who support his students and encourage them always to be better also you are very generous instructor who is not after his students’ money.


I have passed my test with only three minor mistakes, thanks for my instructor, Gilbert, who was very patient, informative, supportive and offers very simple approach for someone started to drive from scratch. Gilbert was really a passionate instructor who never leaves a detail and used several demonstrative tools to simplify things for me. He is very flexible and generous in time and communication. I am very happy that I passed my driving test and now fully licensed to drive on road which makes my life considerably different. If you are looking for an instructor who do his job with passion, patience and flexibility, Gilbert is the right choice for you. I will keep recommending Gilbert to my friends.


I passed my driving test with only 1 minor and i couldn't be happier!! Gilbert really helped me to ensure that i knew everything that i needed to know leading up to my test and was still helping me even on the day. He was very patient with me and was clear about all the instructions i was given. It's much easier now that i've passed as i'm able to drive myself to work and to college everyday. I would definitely recommend Isaacs School Of Motoring, i've been through 3 instructions and this one by far was the best!! Every lesson i learnt something new and i enjoyed my time and never felt stressed out. Couldn't have asked for a better instructor!

Hello, it really was a good start of the week. Thank you for teaching and supporting me to accomplish this.
I passed second time with two minor faults and I'm very pleased with the results.You are really a very patient man, working hard with people to achieve their goals. Your lessons really helped me to feel confident and safe on the roads. All the references, all parking tricks or any other advices you are giving helps not only for the test, but are there for you day by day.
My life really changed after passing my driving test, especially having kids with a very busy schedule!!
I will definitely recommend you to a lot of people, for your patience, for your hard work, experience, and never give up until you see your student with a certificate in their hands.


I’m very grateful for you as you helped me too much to pass
I passed the exam ,i failed twice because i didn’t have training with u at the beginning .Now i have passed with only 3 minor faults because of your instructions
You helped me a lot and I found the driving more easy and safe
I’ll nominate you for all my friends that want to pass the test
The test was very easy with your instructions
Before your training i felt that i will never pass
Thank you so much Gilbert for your wonderful efforts


Hello Gilbert, thank you for everything, you are a good teacher. I offer you five stars for the techniques, the methods you offer to the students. For me, the lessons I've learned are still helpful. I will recommend other students to do lessons with you. Thank you for the faith you had in me and once again offered me in faith and knowledge to pass the test. Thank you very much Maria


I am Super happy that I have passed my driving test on first attempt with only three minor’s Thankyou Gilbert for being an amazing instructor and being patient with me all the time .Looking into every small detailing and correcting me every time helped me a safe and confident driver for life. I will definitely recommend Gilbert for family and friends .


I couldn't believe that I got 0 faults on my first try, it was unbelievable!!! Without your professional teaching and instructions I wouldn't do so well!!! I've learned how to drive safely for life on English roads, as it is quite different from my country. But with a professional instructor like you, I could achieve very good results. Definitely I would recommend you to someone who needs driving lessons as you are really good in your job, knowing what is worth teaching!!!


I passed my driving test with ease. Gilbert was very nice in the way he taught me and made sure I understood everything. He is really understanding and ensures you achieve the best results. Yes my life is much easier now especially have a car with children. I would definitely recommend Gilbert as he makes sure you know the rules you need to pass and to drive safely on the road. He is a patient teacher and works extremely hard to make sure you pass your test.


Today my driving test was successful with just 4 minors. Gilbert prepared me greatly by using the same mannerisms and procedures typically used by an examiner. I became comfortable to take my driving test and knew what to expect. Studying the test routes, while looking out for unique references meant that when I began my test I knew where I was heading and what to look out for on my journey. The method of teaching is clear and easy to understand and was significant in making me a safe driver. Life now has become much easier, I am now able to be more independent and no longer need to rely on others for commutes. Gilbert is willing to go the extra mile for his students in order to make sure they pass.


I passed my driving test thanks to my instructor, Gilbert. His teaching and instructions are tailored to suit you and he is an experienced, patience, good and God fearing man. He is not a greedy person; he will work with you and explain the areas you don’t understand so that you can pass first time. He teaches you safe driving for life not just to pass the test. You can count on him; he is a good listener and always asks you questions, so that he can help you understand. He finds a very simple way to communicate with you. My life has changed beautifully with so much confidence he put in me. Thank you Gilbert, l will never forget you and all your hard work towards my success. Thank you plenty.


I passed my driving test first time. Gilbert was very patient with me and always made sure to explain all the rules and important information. Gilbert was also very motivating and he really helped me understand any mistakes I made and how to correct them. Passing my test first time has made my life much easier as it will benefit me hugely. I 100% recommend Gilbert as he is an extremely kind person who always makes you feel comfortable and makes sure you know all the rules on the road needed for you to pass. Choosing Gilbert as my instructor was the best decision as he will make sure you pass your test with ease.


I passed my driving test first time with my instructor, Gilbert. His standards of instructions are higher and very easy to catch. He is very humble and kind. His commitment is so good and never rushes. I really enjoyed his teaching, he taught me how to drive safely each and every point he taught me. I really appreciate and thankful to him, he made my life easy. I recommend him to everyone just join him and get stress free lesson and pass first time.


Today, I've passed my driving practical test. All the credit go to my brilliant driving instructor Mr Gilbert who gave me all the tips to pass the test. He is a very passionate person and really knows what each candidate needs to pass the test. We worked together so hard and I got my UK driving licence today. I would definitely recommend him for all my friends. Thank you Mr Gilbert and all the very best on your business.

Dr Asma

Mr Gilbert is a very experienced instructor, is aware of all the common pitfalls and can point out common mistakes on the test route. His high standards of teaching made it easy for me to understand the test requisites, meet the standards and pass on my first attempt. He was able to help me understand my driving issues. He helped me practise, gave sufficient time and I felt more confident after our sessions. He is very dedicated and a good mentor to learn from. Yes, I am happy that I can now get a car and drive in the UK confidently; I definitely would recommend Mr Gilbert as your driving instructor.

Dr Ruchi

I passed my test with flying colours. Gilbert is not just an instructor, he is a friend, a brother, and a teacher and that’s a combination which is hard to find. Gilbert doesn't just teach you to pass, he makes sure that you are a seasoned and safest driver on the road. His standards are the highest and probably the most patient teacher I have ever met. I know this because I had 5 instructors before him. He will find your weaknesses and make you repeat the same tasks until you fully understand them, not brush them under the carpet. Passing my test has changed my life. Thank you Gilbert for believing in me and working endlessly to make this dream come true. For me to have travelled to Chippenham from Essex for his lessons, says a lot about his delivery. This review was written from the bottom of my heart; the sacrifices you made for me to have this license, I can never quantify. God will continue to take us higher and higher. Thank you so much.


When I started I couldn’t even know how to control the steering - Gilbert taught me everything. I appreciate your effort and extra lessons which gave me the chance to practise more and more. I will recommend you my friends as they can gain experience not only for the test but for safe driving for life. You are very honest instructor and a brother. You also took care of your learners by making sure that your car is cleaned regularly and wearing mask and gloves in order to protect us and yourself from Covid-19. Thank you very much Gilbert and I shall remember your instructions every time I touch the steering, many thanks brother and wish you all the best.

Dr Maryam

Hello Gilbert the result of working with you was a great success! Your parking techniques helped me a lot and all your instructions throughout the lessons were useful to me, even if I had some experience. After passing the test I am really happy and driving confidently. I would recommend you as one of the best instructors because of the way you teach, your reasonable prices, and you were always available and understanding when I had any problem or question.


Thank you very much and may the Lord bless you for all that you have done for me and the extra mile you took to help me pass. A brilliant service from start to finish. I have had a previous instructor that never taught me the way you did. Gilbert is the best. His teaching techniques are simple and effective and has helped me to pass. 100% recommended to my friends and family.


I felt very prepared for my practical test after taking lessons with Gilbert and passed on the first try! He is an excellent instructor; both knowledgeable and professional. I highly recommend him to new learners, as well as seasoned drivers.


I tried a few instructors earlier who unfortunately shattered my confidence. However, Gilbert was like an angel for me. His patience and good nature meant that instead of losing hope after mistakes, I was learning from them. He is a thorough professional but is always there to help you with additional tips and extra classes.


I struggled a lot with roundabouts but Gilbert explained them to my well, which helped me pass my test. To anyone who wants to learn how to drive, I say do not stress and be calm and focused. Thank you, Gilbert!


I passed my test thanks to Gilbert. He was very flexible and accommodating with the timings, which greatly helped as I work full time. I would say you can never be too prepared! It’s important to go for lessons and get in as much practise as possible and get comfortable on the road!


I only had 3 days to pass my test, and it wasn't looking like it was going to happen, but Gilbert stepped in and his honesty and dedication helped me to pass. I really enjoyed my lessons with him and hope to stay in contact.


I have learned a lot from you and I cannot thank you enough. I would definitely recommend you to friends and family. You have been very patient with me and a very good man. Very easy to talk to, which I think is very important when you are trying to learn to do something new.


I have just passed my test in the first attempt after having a condensed driving course with my amazing instructor, Gilbert. He gave me the confidence to drive safely and is very honest to his job. I will definitely be recommending him to all my friends who are going to take their test.

Dr Hesham

Working with Gilbert helped build my self confidence in driving and familiarised me with road rules and reacting to different situations and hazards. Gilbert was very supportive and provided me with a detailed, tailored plan on how to develop my driving skills, which helped me to confidently pass first time. It is very important to find an instructor who can guide you with a personalized plan based on your needs, habits, and skills. Gilbert polished my driving skills and gave me a lot of assurance and support. I became familiar with all test routes, which made the driving test easy and predictable. I have become a skilled and confident driver.


Am so super excited! May God reward you greatly for the love and kindness you showed me. I had 100% Satisfaction working with you. You are a good and very experienced driving instructor, always listening and providing solutions to every challenge. I will recommend you to friends wanting to take driving lessons and tests, because you are very Skilled, Experienced, Competent, Reliable and above all God fearing man.


I have to say it was genuinely worthwhile working with Mr Gilbert, the sheer zeal for success was shared by him and he gave me 100% commitment. He was consistent with correcting my errors and his attention to detail is absolutely amazing. I am indeed grateful to have been coached by him. I am definitely recommending my friends/family or anyone. You can never go wrong when you have someone that shares the same enthusiasm for success. It was worth it. Thank you Mr Gilbert.


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