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Gain your independence quickly by learning to drive in a manual or automatic car to become a confident driver for the rest of your life.

Learn faster

Save money

Be a safer driver

Relying on buses, friends & family to get around wastes hours

Life is too short to be waiting for other people’s schedules. Take control of your time and start driving.

Get more done in life with a driving licence

Start your journey with a friendly instructor who has a wealth of patience.

Pass your driving test quickly and safely

Choose lesson packages that suits your budget

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Stage 01

Moving the car

Let’s get you confidently driving the car within your first lesson in most cases.

  • Familiarise yourself with the cockpit
  • Learn the mirrors and signals so you can move safely
  • Get used to the gears and start moving and stopping
Stage 02

On the road

Next let’s get you feeling confident driving on the road and around other cars.

  • Starting off, we will show you some simple junctions
  • Roundabouts don’t have to be scary and we will show you the technique
  • Get the hang of simple manoeuvres working up to more complex ones
Stage 03

Passing Your Test

We teach you to be a safe driver first and then some key lessons to help you pass your driving test.

  • Take you on a variety of roads so you are comfortable everywhere
  • Get you to drive in different conditions to feel confident
  • Help you prepare with a practice drive the hour before your test

Gilbert will take the time and give you the confidence to pass

  • Qualified Swindon driving instructor
  • Test day preparation driving
  • Over 90% driving test pass rate
Isaacs School of Motoring driving instructor car
"There is nothing I love more than seeing my students pass their driving test first time. It really does make me proud of their achievements."
Gilbert Isaacs
Owner / Driving Instructor
Gilbert Issac - Isaacs School of Motoring small
"I passed my test thanks to the driving lessons - Gilbert was very flexible/ accommodating with the timings which greatly helped as I work full time."
Swindon Learner Driver
"I would say you can never be too prepared! It’s important to go for lessons and get in as much practise as possible and get comfortable on the road!"
Swindon Learner Driver

Learn to drive so you can be free.

Start with an enrolment call with Gilbert

Learn to drive the way you want to

You can learn to drive in an automatic or manual car. Prices vary outside the Swindon area, so please call  07444 561080 to get a price for your area.

Manual and automatic driving lessons

Automatic driving lessons

Pay as you go £40phr. Prepaid blocks £390 for 10

Manual driving lessons

Pay as you go £35 per hour. Prepaid blocks £340 for 10

Motorway lessons

2 hour lesson £80

Manual and automatic driving courses

12 hour intensive retest course

2 day course, 6 hours per day, for those who have recently failed a test. Manual £468 | Auto £492

18 hour intensive driving course

3 day course, 6 hours per day. Recommended for those with 25+ hours previous experience. Manual £702 | Auto £738

24 hour intensive driving course

4 day course, 6 hours per day. Recommended for those with 15-20 hours previous experience. Manual £912 | Auto £984

30 hour intensive driving course

5 day course, 6 hours per day. Recommended for those with 10 hours previous experience. Manual £1080 | Auto £1170

36 hour intensive driving course

6 day course, 6 hours per day. Recommended for novices who are well-coordinated and a quick learner. Manual £1224 | Auto £1368

42 hour intensive driving course

7 day course, 6 hours per day. Recommended for beginners with little to no experience. Manual £1428 | Auto £1554

48 hour intensive driving course

8 day course, 6 hours per day. Recommended for beginners who want to learn at a relaxed pace. Manual £1632 | Auto £1800

Test rescue

Changing instructors because of failed tests and nerves? Let’s talk.
Other options are available, please ask

Start driving in 3 easy steps…

  1. Enrolment call with Gilbert
  2. Book your driving lesson
  3. Start driving in your first hour

Driving lessons in Swindon by qualified, patient instructors

Learner drivers want to cut the ties of public transport and stop relying on friends and family for lifts making every trip out take so much longer.

But who do you choose to start driving?

Isaacs School of Motoring in Swindon provides fast, safe driving lessons for learner drivers in Swindon, Chippenham, Marlborough, Malmesbury, Cricklade, and Cirencester looking to gain their independence and save hours every week.

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Learn to drive so you can be free.​

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